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Recruitment information is as follows:

Business department:

Domestic salesman (gender is not limited): 6


1.college degree or above, marketing professional graduates.

2.with good communication and coordination skills, a certain market insight and ability to develop.

3.can adapt to travel frequently in the domestic work life, is good at the face and human communication.

4. familiar with computer operation, according to the requirements of the production of tender documents.

5.a successful sales experience or driving license is preferred.

Foreign trade documentary (limited female): 2


1.Junior College (Marketing Major) or above, English level 4 or above.

2.facial features, the image of good temperament, strong affinity.

3. with good communication and coordination skills.

4.have relevant working experience is preferred.

Foreign trade clerk: 6


1.male and female, college degree or above

2.with English, or Spanish, or Arabic and other foreign language ability, to listen, speak, write and communicate with customers.

3. the image of good temperament.

4.with good communication and coordination ability, market insight and business development ability.

5. engaged in machinery, electronics, home appliances or lighting industry for more than two years foreign trade business, stage lighting, city lighting, lighting and LED display and sales work experience give priority to employment.

Technology department:


1.mechanical structure engineer: 1

A.sex is not limited, college degree or above, major in mechanical;

B. two years working experience in structural design, can be independently engaged in product development, familiar with sheet metal parts, mechanical processing, die casting, plastic mold design; proficient in PRO-E, AUTOCAD software, 3D simulation;

C.a drive, precision structure or professional lighting, LED display design experience is preferred.

2. electronic engineer: 1

A. sex is not limited, college degree or above, major in electronic or related majors;

B.master the working principle of single chip microcomputer, can be independently engaged in professional stage lighting, or related LED lighting products, or LED display, or electrical products of the circuit development and improvement, understand the wiring work of double or multi-layer PCB board;

C.familiar with SMT process and national electrical safety standards, has the experience of anti interference, high frequency, switching power supply is preferred.

3.electronic software engineer: 2

A.sex is not limited, college degree or above, major in electronic or computer science and other related majors;

B.master C language and ARM language, AVR, FPGA, program, can be independently engaged in the product of the software programming, a hardware foundation, a good encoding style habits;

C.familiar with communication control system, stepping motor, LED driver is preferred.

Department: Mr. Qiu

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Electric words:: 020-36679778

Company address: No.6 ,Longxing East Road, Taihe Town,Baiyun District,Guangzhou,China.