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Working principle

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First:Human resource management core:

Give full play to the advantages of the team, and promote the management of culture and performance;

The implementation of the standardization process, implementation, enterprises, employees in China -- "win win win"!

Second: human resource management purposes: to create a lean and efficient team, to protect the sustainable management of enterprises!

Third: the basic principles of human resource management:

3.1. selection principle -- the principle of openness, fairness, justice, competition;

3.2. use the principle -- the principle of (only Germany have both ability and political integrity first, the first one);

The 3.3. configuration principle -- give full scope to the talents, use.

3.4. management principles:

A.people-oriented, seeking truth from facts, from the actual allocation of human resources in the enterprise;

B.market oriented, optimize the structure, promote teamwork, complementary value added;

C. full respect for major family members, pay attention to training and development, so that the development of individuals;

D.the use of corporate culture and cohesion of the group, the activities of the rich life, enhance the cohesion of the enterprise;

E.adhere to the efficiency priority, taking into account the fairness, to improve performance as the goal, pay attention to work performance assessment;

F. the dominant ethics, the implementation of a variety of effective incentive and restraint mechanisms, training full good habits and working atmosphere;

G. play, full participation in management, we cultivated the master consciousness, the same goal, in unision;

H.make full use of the market mechanism, promote human capital appreciation and effective use of;

I.strengthen the speed of development, communication and promote harmony.